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Tidal Sunray

Tidal Sunray piano lacquer                                                     131.000€/ paire

Tidal Sunray lacquer veneers                                                  145.000€/ paire


  • multi chamber cabinet made out of TIDAL's proprietary cabinet material TIRALIT

  • seperated self-adjusting modules for high-midrange and bass: 2 x TIDAL-NV-bass modules, 1 x TIDAL-ND-RMD high-midrange modules, cabinet-walls up to 5" thick, optimized internal airflow

  • step response controlled point-source bass reproduction: the bass is being reproduced around the high-midrange source. harmonic excitation of room-modes for a very even and symmetrical first reflexion in the room, therefore very uncritical to place even in smaller rooms

  • quasi-infinite front-baffle by 'pneumatic-airwall', phaseshift-controlled submodules, phase controlled cabinet correction for real recording reproductions without "blowing it up" to unreal dimensions

  • 1 x 30 mm (1,2") diamond tweeter (an exclusive Accuton TIDAL cooperation)

  • 2 x 173 mm (7") BCC midrange woofer with low distortion motor (an exclusive Accuton TIDAL cooperation)

  • 4 x 222 mm (9") long excursion BCC woofer (an exclusive Accuton TIDAL cooperation)

  • unique AEROTUNE-System and VARIOGAIN, 2-times adjustable, makes it very flexible and uncritical in room placement.

  • passive crossover network with ultra low tolerance components, exclusive use of costume tailored Duelund-copper-capacitors, metalfilm-resistors, silver-carbon resistors, air-core-inductors, ultra low resistance bass-inductor

  • passive crossover is microphonic and hermetically isolated in a separated chambers

  • total weight of the passive crossover construction: 25 Kg / 55 lbs.

  • adjustable diamond-tweeter curve (hard room-refections / soft room-reflections)

  • pure silver binding posts for perfect contact, isolated massive aluminum knobs on fiberglass isolation core, adjustable bi-wiring / passive bi-amping / active bi-amping double-terminal

  • special 5-part TIDAL stainless steel isolators

  • 8 x trigger bars out of massive stainless steel, 32 Kg (70 lbs.) per speaker, high gloss hand-polished

  • serial cabinet finish: original TIDAL piano lacquer in midnight black

  • optional cabinet finishes: the worlds finest hand selected veneers in TIDAL's original transparent piano lacquer.

  • other finishes: on request

  • the TIDAL Sunray is being delivered in 2 x ATA-flightcase for the most safest transport

  • nominal power handling: 200 / >500 VA

  • nominal impedance: 4 Ohm

  • recommended power amplifier: 20 watt and up. Very easy impedance load also for tube amps

  • to use the whole enormous dynamic range of it and listening complex music also from time to time very loud we recommend >200 watts at 4 ohm

  • speaker dimensions: 199 cm x 34 cm x 60 cm 

  • dimensions with vario feet (from ground to top): 206 cm high 

  • speaker weight without packaging: 2 x 322 Kg 

  • shipping weight with packaging: 2 x 380 Kg 

  • shipping dimensions: 2 flightcases, each flight case is 125 cm length x 80 cm width x 100 cm height 

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